Hurst view, lymington

Discussion in 'West Sussex' started by oscar, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Well we sold our camperjam tickets due to the weather, and decided to head south in search of the sun. No such luck.
    I found hurst view on the web and thought we would head down to the site early Saturday morning. After checking the weather reports, it wasn't looking good but off we went anyway.
    I'd better say this before I go any further. This isn't a proper review of the site because on arrival we came upon this;
    Needless to say we chose not to stay, but it did look a beautiful site. Just not in these conditions.
    Unfortunately no where on the south coast that day was dry, not surprisingly! We ended up going to almost every coastal carpark from lymington to swanage. Had a great day despite the weather.
    Here's a few pics.
    One of 3 bump starts that day!
    The Bee
    Me and Tom Tom
  2. great pics - loving the little persons rain coat!
  3. thanks Oscar, great to see you out in Bee

    K for the write up!

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