Howdens lamona appliances any good ?

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  1. Looking at getting a new kitchen and wondered who makes the lamona brand kitchen appliances for howdens and if they are any good or best to avoid ?
  2. Howdens Lamona? Didn't she used to dance with fruit on her head?

  3. We have an American fridge freezer came with our kitchen and it's pretty good. We also have a built in wine cooler (it was 'free'!) that is very annoying as it's quite noisy and is forever switching itself on and off, so we don't use it.
  4. Very good gear for the price , two year warranty on their stuff ,much cheaper than Bosch and some of the Bosch ovens have cheap plastic knobs.
    we have fridge freezer, single oven ,double oven dish wash , hob glass extract hud, no complaints with any.
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    Our Worktops marked very easily and they didn't want to know
  6. In case you didn't know there are 2 prices at Howdens, a retail price list then a trade one which is about 40% cheaper
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  8. Thought you could only go trade ? They will design and pass the price on to trades person not us . I want to fit it all myself really so see what price they come up with
  9. I normally use the one in Chelt, working there this week, i could get a price if you know what you want?
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    You really need an account to book it through. They opened my brother an account for free and he's only had 1 door and frame off them in the last 18 months. Some of the prices he gets are not as good as our company account but are very close. Howdens have ridiculously high list prices and its not unusual to get 85% off the units and 50% off appliances.

    As far as Lamona appliances, the lower priced stuff think Diplomat or Candy, the higher priced think Neff, Hotpoint etc.
  11. I'll get them to plan it ,we need to check out the kitchen in person then maybe take you up on it ! So you have a trade account with them ? Could possibly order it for us + a bit of commission ? Or is that being cheeky ?
  12. Yeah if it works out I can get it cheaper I could order it for you, no commission required
  13. I have used Lamona for the fridge/freezer and the cooker hood. The other "stuff" is Bosch. Can't fault the Lamona items at all.
  14. fitted the cheaper lamona ovens and hobs ,the seals around ovens seam inadequate and can damage surrounding doors/drawers hobs look old very quickly :( i would personally go for bosch

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