How to survive 'The Search'?!

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  1. So after yesterdays posting of another rotter I'm feeling a little deflated with this T2 lark, I'm the kind of guy who wants to run out and buy so I'm finding this very hard to take - it's been two months and everything is either stupid money or a polished turd! To add to that the missus is getting fed up with me talking campers every five mins when [there are more pressing financial needs]!

    Any tips on how to survive the search would be appreciated!
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    My young padwan, you have to experience the suffering now, for a short period, or years of suffering if you buy a rotter.

    See it as the journey to enlightenment where a little anguish now gets you to happiness......or choose unwisely and start the journey to welding, sanding and disappointment at panel fit and quality.
  3. Just go out and buy the first yellow one you see.

    Worked for me.
  4. Step one - send the wife back to her mother - a woman with an attitude like that is frankly something you'd be better off without.
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    put up with lhd and import
  6. Sensei - you are wise beyond your years. I will try to live by your example for I know not yet the ways of the welding and must learn (I bloody hope not!)
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  7. I wanted a T25. Seemed to be the sensible thing to do. I went to see quite a few that all turned out to be a bit rubbish - or at least not the right bus for me.

    Then I bought my bay on eBay at midnight without even going to look at it. I love it.

    Done the same thing with old cars in the past, too - got fixated on a particular model, spent ages looking, couldn't find the right one and ended up finding something good, but different and being chuffed with it.

    I don't know exactly what my point is, but do you need a T2? Maybe broadening your search and just looking for something nice would do the trick. I know of a really nice coachbuilt camper (Frankia) built on a Mitsubishi diesel van going cheap... it's cheaper, faster, comfier and more reliable than a T2 and still has bags of character... Wasn't right for me because there aren't any seatbelts in the back (and no option to fit) but it would be a great bus for the right person.
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  8. the more buses you look at, the better placed you are to suss out a good one from a rotten old pear...don't go off external appearance if advertised with a photo....many a shed has been palmed off onto an unsuspecting buyer on the strength of looks rather than quality. Widen your search...look abroad (eg. Germany, where the TuV is more stringent than the MoT here in the UK ) or consider an import, either US or South Africa....
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  9. the more you look at the more depressed you will get realising that the germans didnt have a clue what they were doing :D
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  10. Try not to spend all your time searching ,one will come up in the least possible place...:cool:

    Took me six years to find the pickup...:D
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    I am after a certain dub ATM. I know it will turn up so I just chill and wait.
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  12. I bought the first one I looked at after a cursory look over. Found a few bits that need attending to but no major horrors. Luck of the draw how long youll be looking I suppose
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  13. It does help if her indoors is a T2 fan. We spent 2 years looking for one and saw many dodgy ones . The one we found is not perfect but way better than those we had seen - so just be patient and try to encourage the missus to join in.
  14. Don't get me wrong - she loves Bays - it's just having me twitter in her ear every spare moment is starting to make the subject a bit taboo!

    I'm off next week so I think I'm going to take a break from looking! It really is killing the excitement and fun. I just couldn't bear another summer going by without indulging in the ways of the VW!

    As usual all good fun on here...
  15. You could always buy my bay, that would sort all the problems out!

  16. most of us have given up on that idea...:D
  17. Years of training (wearing down) and mine now encourages me :)
  18. :D
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  19. :lol: its the quantity of bays outside my house thats the issue, Oh, and the size of one of them :)
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  20. I looked for 18 months and drove Mrs M mad. Just don't buy one because its taken time - you will end up with a duffer. In some respects I was lucky, I got frustrated, the kids went with me to view a van and told me to just buy it and I did end up with a van that had a hooky MOT and more work than I thought but we sorted it within budget within two months. It could have been much, much worse. Seek advice from this mob and i am sure you will not have to wait long.

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