How to - Rustproof and water proof cab doors

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  1. A fairly simple but time consuming repair.
    First, remove the cab door panels

    I added some sound deadening to the inside first. Cut to size and gently warm with a heat gun

    Fit to inside of door avoiding the window mechanism

    Next for the rust preventer. I used clear Waxoyl

    Fit to sprayer with cavity hose attached

    Spray all inside doors and make sure it goes in all the nooks and crannies.
    Next i used Butyl Rubber to outline the new membrane

    then a heavy duty polythene sheet was used to make the membrane and stuck to the butyl

    coming soon:
    clear varnish or even pva on the inside of the door panels to stop them going mouldyand then refit
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  2. Really useful, thanks.

    Think someone mentioned that it's best to tuck the bottom edge on the inside so the water passes through the drain holes in the bottom of the door.

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  5. I’m just in the process of doing exactly this and the membranes from Madmatz are good and only £5 a pair.

    The other top tips are to take out the old rubber bungs where the door panel attaches before sticking on the membrane then push the new bungs through the membrane so the tops are on the outside. Much easier than trying to do this after as I found out.

    I’ll try and take a pic of the other door when I get there. Drivers side nearly done.. F61E0BC6-F1C8-4135-B8B1-224974137F31.jpeg
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    Thanks for this a really timely post as I was looking to do mine and do a little rust repairs. I was thinking about taking the door off so I can do it in the dry in the garage (keep the cover on the van). It looks like it’s straightforward to remove the door, but I’ve fallen for that before, is it?
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    Good advice ^^^^^^. Can I add that I did my wax oil on a hot summers day and also heated the wax oil until it was super thin.
  8. Dynax is superb. Its like waxoyl, it differs in the fact it actually comes out the tin
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    Did this job myself maybe 18 months ago. I found it useful to have internal flaps of plastic where the air vents were and also if you have door speakers…

    this double sided tape was pretty good too…

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