How to post photos on TLB if you have an iPhone or ipad

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. For people having trouble posting photos ,open TLB in Tapatalk, touch on General discussion,in the top right hand corner are 3 dots touch on this and start new topic, type out text then next to typing bar is a + touch on this and a camera and or library option will appear select one, if you've chosen your photo library, select a photo or photos, it will automatically down load, once done you'll see top right hand side create touch this, job done
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  2. As so many people have iPhones/iPads and have difficulty posting photos, we might want to keep this
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  3. Fish

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  4. Why do i need tappy thing?
  5. Plus eleventy on tapatalk.
    Won't they post pics using just Safari?
  6. Silver

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    In Safari.

    Click upload file. image.jpg Choose existing. Takes you to your photo stream. image.jpg I sometimes shrink them down using crop function in the photo options and re save them smaller to get around the 1 meg limit. It doesn't always work though.
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  7. I know all that, this is for people to follow who have no idea how to post photos
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    Yep....and I figured it's a good thread to show them how to post pics on iPads without the use of Tapa.
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  9. i just get the chisel out n bash away
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  10. And between us we can be a big help for people who struggle with this
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    We could start producing a comprehensive set of instructions for all types of practical problems. Step by step instructions and lots of photos. A joint effort, fully published but using your name;)
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  12. How about. Haynes Manual
  13. Silver

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    I was thinking Barry Manualo :D

    Sound better than FuzzyWuzzyBalls manual
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  14. what about a mac book
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    Stop showing off.

    Just cos you went to DF, You think you can come on here boasting about your al singing all dancing macbook ;)
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  16. I've sorted, just up loaded to photo bucket,,, i missed ya man...
  17. did not seem the same not having to wake you up in the morning...
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  18. @bucksboy
  19. With the issue with photobucket. Is there any advise or consensus of the best way of posting photos on the forum now.
  20. Only started posting photos in last few days, but Tapatalk seems very straightforward.

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