How much is she worth?

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Lucy and Marcus, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hi I am a new-old Member, I am Lucy!
    I have a friend with an older bay than ours (ours is 78) .. They are waiting for a rather slow guy to finish the work :thinking:...! So they are keen to get moving with things and need more info.
    So first of all how much are campers generally worth at the different stages of beautifying, starting with the bodywork, then spray job (if its a good one) then without interior, and with interior simply reassembled (well that part is anybody's guess right!). Anyone fancy a punt? OR more interestingly is there anyone out there who would buy it at the stage it is at.. possibly just body work or sprayed.

    Just looking for feelers... also would buyers collect from Cornwall; the heart of camper lover land !
  2. rickyrooo1

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    Here is my piece of long is it?
    It is worth as much as people will pay.
    More with resto pictures to prove it isn't filler and expanding foam.
    Depends if it's a tintop/poptop.
    Depends what type of poptop.
  3. how longs a bit of string ?
    from few hundred quid for scrapper to 20k for great looking fully done orig bay with low bet is too check out ebay for prices there selling at and work out a price .....a basic good solid camper with nice engine and ok paintjob and fully fitted og cupboards are over 7 k now ......ill give you 300 quid for ya mates bay ^-^ ^-^
  4. looool great minds ricky.....
  5. How rich is the person buying it?
    How stupid is the person buying it?
    How much depends on the power?
    How much depends on the colour ?
    Its just having the right person see it on the right day with the amount of money you are both happy to receive and give.
    Some will offer loads more than you want ,most will offer loads less . Only the person whos selling knows what they paid and how much time and money they have spent , so they no best what its worth to them ,at anystage of refurb, all they have to do is find someone who is willing to buy. Sorry if that doesnt help but its true. Good luck lucy.
  6. sounds about right and all helpful actually! cheers! will send info on! Anyone starting at 4 grand? :)
  7. 250 quid ...after all it is german and old
  8. Poptop2

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    Rough guide based on my own experiences

    camper complete but in need of resto - welding etc , 1500 - 3500

    camper complete welded but in need of respray and tidying £2500 -6000

    camper ( import ) in good all round condition £6 - 10000

    camper full and professionally restored inc engine wiring pictures history etc £12 - 25000

    Tintops and home resto are very subjective and can fall into a few groups , a good solid og tin top 6- 12000

    modified tintops 4- 10000 depending on work done and quality of .

    Home restos depend on the quality of the workmanship some are very very good , others are passaable and some are pants -the seller will want a pro resto price , the buyer should inspect the work and offer accordingly not forgetting that even a home resto costs a lot of time and money do not insult him/her just walk away if they're asking more than you are prepared to pay .

    Tax exempt vans seem to command higher prices too .

    This is only my opinion based on what i have gleamed from my own experiences .

    £1500 - 25000 .
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    Nice helpful post PT. It's all very subjective but those figures should provide some guidelines.
  10. Rough guide - there more you spend on it, the more you'll loose when you sell it.
  11. Absolutely spot on zed ;D the advertised price is rarely anywhere near the achieved price especially on these high end campers. Seen late bays or £ way will they ever get that on a private sale

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