How much does it cost you to totally fill up ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MangoBay, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Was having a discussion on the temporary site over at prototype and another user said that tank capacity is 62L so by the prices round our way (for Super UL) thats £90 to fill up.

    I was on reserve last week and couldn't get more than £ 53 in her (about 8 gallons)
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    I'm about £53 too.
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  3. when we went down to Summer Camp, it cost us £58.00 to fill up using Tesco fuel at £1.30 per litre
  4. My £53 was from the start of reserve so sounds about right
  5. Sounds about right 30 quid got me half a tank :'( didn't last long
  6. Other user says that categorically it is a 62 L tank so that is £86.60 @ £1.40/L

    That's wrong
  7. I was half way in the red this morning and it cost me £60 til the pump stopped
  8. That other user (me :) ) did say that a completely empty tank to fill up is 62 litres. That is from the hanes manual and various sources on the Internet.

    Volkswagen state that it is a 56 litre tank with 5 litre reserve so technically it's 61 litres

    When I filled up after dry fitting the tank it took about 58 litres if I remember rightly.
  11. I don't know what to say. Maybe your not truly filling it up and have a air bubble sitting in the top part of the tank.
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    On the way back from Whitenoise we were nudging the reserve and got £54 in it.
  14. 63 pounds :mad:
  16. Does it matter, all I know is whatever I put in gets used pretty quick ;)
  17. The split pick up when the gauge is under 1/4 takes about £25/30 to fill up.
    Which I believe is a 40 ltr one
  18. I filled my E B up today I was running on vapours :eek:, filled up with shell premium stuff costs £57.68p to the brim :)
  20. The bay window has 3 different tanks

    early ones are largest - 60 lit

    then there was one with around 56 lit, and from '76 or '77 when they changed the filler pipe, the tank either went to 52 liters or they changed how they measured the capacity. all i know is there are 3 different figures.

    To fill my tank, it costs about £60 of your currency (we have a different price of fuel though)

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