How much do you want to spend on a Subaru conversion?

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  1. I've got loads of welding to do to my bus but when I get bored/frustrated/stuck with it I mess around trying to sort a Subaru engine for it.
    The plan is to fit a normally aspirated EJ20 Subaru engine with a 091 6 rib box.
    I'm trying to do this for very little money and so far have sold the VW CU code 2lt engine and dellorto carbs which had been off the road for several years and running a bit ruff for £706.

    With this money I bought a 2001 Subaru Legacy with a full service history for £500 and broke it.. I'm selling unwanted bits a pieces from this slowly.. £80's worth sold so far.

    I've now bought an RJES bellhousing and clutch kit

    Sold another £20 worth of Subaru parts..
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  2. nice,
    it can be done with a lot of the cost reduced, ...:cool:

    im sure cheaper than an all singing about to melt aircooled engine :thumbsup:
  3. Mine all in so far is £1300. The rjes bits would have cost £1000, my truck load came with the engine and a 6 rib. I'd planned to try and get a car so I guess I could maybe have done it for the same price minus the 6 rib. I'm hoping I can now manage it without having to spend much more. I'm going to do the cam belt, cam oil seals, crank seals front and back and do a bit if powdercoat titivation so that will cost me about another £200. I need some hoses and a heater matrix and to make a radiator scoop. I'm not too keen on having the RJES engine bar mounts welded to my chassis so I'm going to have some stock VW chassis mounts modded with the RJES mounts welded to them. I have a reverse throttle body with my kit but I think the doka has the space due to the big gopping hole where the solid firewall usually is in a bay. I'm hoping £1600 max which is good considering I got the 6 rib with it, not sure if I could do it for less
  4. Im off to RJES to pick up my bell housing and a few other bits tomorrow:)

    I did the same selling my 1600tp and bought an impreza with the proceeds

    I just need an other ej20 engine now for the bay as the current one will be going in my T25:p
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  5. My probably silly idea of a radiator scoop comes from motorcycles design of ram air..
    I have the original VW middle belly pan and thought about cutting two slits in it and welding sides into it making a scoop..
    Might even use the original Subaru grill as the intake.. (Just to stop small children being sucked in. (Only jesting.No offence to anyone with small children )
    I know, I know..Silly me thinking outside of the box.
  6. I think it was Grazzer who had a complete Subaru up for sale on here?
  7. Need to get the T25 running before i buy any more motors
    Pick up a box full of goodies from Richard at RJES today, top bloke and had a good chat discussing various things
    Just need to get the loom up to him before i go on my hols in 2 weeks
  8. He told me he's stacked out with looms until October
  9. He is, mines booked in for the last week in october

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