How much are these worth?

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  1. To anyone?
    Just found them at the back of the garage. Having a clear out. Both work and not rusty, but the flap has fell off one of them, but still inside. 144874A8-D638-4F01-86D6-DF2BEC115AF8.jpeg 4628DC87-C31E-4497-9BA7-B06E0D62BF94.jpeg They are original, as far as I know. They came with my van, but I fitted J tubes ages ago.
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    Have a look inside down the opening and count the fins four either side is a repro eight is og
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    Teri £30 the pair og £80 - 100
  4. Ok...hang on...
  5. ACF745FA-C60B-4A52-ADE0-ED7C4F199293.jpeg More than 4.
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    Thats repro.
    Originals have loads of thin fins.

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  7. Sorry to ambush your thread I've always wanted to know why people remove heat exchangers and replace with j tubes and what actually they are
    Again sorry

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  8. That’s fine.
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  9. A J tube is a tube that is shaped like a J & fits where the heat exchanger used to do.
    It's a lot lighter than a H/E so you can pack much more beer.
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  10. And hang wet socks on to dry.
  11. J tubes are just bits of tube that go from the cylinder head to the exhaust - they replace the heat exchangers.
    Some people with big engines remove the heat exchangers so they can fit bigger diameter exhausts - so their engine is less restricted
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    So basically j tubes guarantee you have no heat delivered to the van area if you have the correct ducting going forwards in to the can.
  13. Oh OK thanks any reason why someone would put j tubes on a beetle with stock engine

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  14. Cheaper than a quiet pack/ live in a hot country and don’t need heating.
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  15. heating probably never worked, then they thought new heat exchangers were expensive compared to J pipes
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  16. ^this
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