How is this happening?

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  1. 14C124E1-59D5-4BB1-AE76-51680A1AE3FB.jpeg Hi.
    My paintwork.
    I posted this on the pictures thread accidentally.
    I pop a couple of these and water came out. Can’t see any holes in the primer., so it can’t be getting in from behind(?). How does this sort of thing happen?
    It only seems to be on one side, too.
  2. Is that primer with no top coat?
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  3. The source of the water is rain. Which side got rained on ?
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  4. They look like microblisters, can be caused by the primer being applied in humid conditions or being left too long before application of top coat. Most primers absorb moisture from the air and need to be fresh and bone dry before overpainting.
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  5. It's a water issue or oil from your skin cheap panel wipe and rubber gloves help
  6. You should come and see my house in Scarborough. Somebody in the distant past seems to have painted the outside wall in gloss paint, then later on in emulsion. When it rains the blisters can be massive.
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  7. This spray job isn’t down to me. It’s as I bought it. I’m guessing it was rushed, but it’s lasted since 2006.
    I’m guessing sand it all down and start again.

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