How hard can it be to find the right van?

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by StevieJD, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Here comes one of the import brigade with a response to that .... probably do as many miles in France as do in this country hence a left hooker has been great for us :cool: . Ok the Westfalia wardrobe is in the wrong place when on UK roads but learnt to live with that :D
  2. Didn't realise I was part of a brigade. Do we have badges and a uniform?
  3. :)
    shiny boots, buckles and caps and all !!! No I was just using Baysearchers expression
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    It won't though will it? He says he's specifically looking for a rhd, so a lhd would be a compromise and therefore not perfect.
    Personally I wouldn't want a leftie. Yes I know you get used to it quickly but my money, my choice.
    I also think buying a leftie and converting it is bad advice.
    If you want a right hooker, keep looking for a right hooker. They're out there.
  5. Baysearcher

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    If you (genuinely) do as many miles in a france as you do here then I agree it makes sense.
  6. We are in the brigade too :cool:

    as the others have said you will know when you find your van. We did a weekend trip around all of the sellers in the south and wound up with the last one we looked at because he felt right. Three years later I wouldn't trade him. Okay the interior is starting to fall to bits and there are bits that need sorting but he was the right van for us
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    Calm down lefties, brigade was a turn of phrase; nothing more!
  8. If you want a rhd that's fine and that's what you should look for but... I think what my lefty friends are aiming at here is don't discount a lefty cos you could get one cheaper and better equipped/tidier than a righty, all depends on budget etc at the end of the day.

    My bus is my daily and it's a left hooker, it causes me no problems at all on junctions slip roads or over taking etc, its got loads of windows in at the end of the day :D
    The only problem I have is I have an electrically operated gate in work which is opened by a swipe card to get in, so I have to get out to open it... Not a big problem though.
    I wouldn't go for a rhd conversion though that would be pointless, if you consider this you may as well just wait for the rhd to come along.

    Unless your budget is huge you will have to compromise somewhere along the line, it's just up to you what you can and can't live without.
  9. My advice to the original poster would be to be realistic with your budget, be careful if looking at a recently restored one, also, try and get to know them a bit before looking (ie what to look for, what things should look like). If I was to buy now after knowing most of our bus, I would be in a far better position to buy. It is also advisable to be able to do some maintenance yourself, I leave welding and body to others but reckon I can do most of the mechanical jobs learning as I go. One thing to realise is that everything costs money with these vans, you need deep pockets for maintenance but the benefits of driving a van and getting acknowledgement from passers by make it worth while.

    I would try and buy a solid van but not necessarily in pristine condition, and beware of recently resprayed examples, ours was one of them and it really isn't worth the money you may have to pay. Good luck!
  10. I was initially worried about a LHD but don't even think about it now as you get used to it so quickly
  11. Thought I'd found the 'right' van on Thursday night. Description was very good and the van more than lived up to expectations, ticking all the boxes for me. . Seller was a genuine top guy and I made him an offer at my maximum budget. Unfortunately, it was a little short of what he wanted and he sold the van this morning :(
    So, the search continues!!! A useable van for camping over Easter is looking doubtful.
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  12. Have you thought of getting one restored that way you can get every thing as you want it right down to the colour
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    If you set your sights too high it may be expensive and a disappointment , i think we have to accept that these bus's are old and have had a lot wear and tear , if you see one that looks all shiny and bright it may be expensive but a mess in other places , on the other hand if you see one that is solid in all the right places but in need of some cosmetic work then you're probably on the right track .

    A rhd bus that is solid is going to command a good price simply because people feel more comfortable with familiarity and the ability to trace its history is a comfort .
  14. The plan was to get a van that could be used straight away and that's still my preferred option. If nothing turns up in the next couple of months then I'll have a rethink and a restoration project could be an option.
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    Easy look at the first one at the right price and buy it, that's what we did. :(
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    You don't have to go full resto just buy the van you feel needs the least work ,perhaps you cold look for a part finished resto , or a decentish van being sold by a seller that seems to know about the van who point''s out any future issue's etc and check you have the funds , space , patience and understanding other half to get it completed ,
  17. I'd keep looking for a finished one, cheaper in the long run (as long as it's honest) and no waiting about.
  18. IMHO, Not too many decent ones of those about at the moment.
  19. There are Benefits to LHD as in the bus should have less rot or rust Depending where it was imported From!!!

    As said loads of times NO Rush the Right bus van will come your way it could end up a life long Member of you and your Family

    I Hope you Find wot you are Looking For it took me 18 months to find the Right Splitty I Was Preepaird to part with Bog Rolls of Cash for i looked at around 20 and fell up on the one i own to this Day 300 mile journey and Bingo

    I Am Doing the same Now Looking for a Late Bay Pick up or Panel Van but these am Even harder to find i might look at importing one my self as i work for a Shipping Container company Driving the crain to load and un load them again Good luck and DON'T RUSH!!!

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