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  1. The round black bowl/disc type thing at the bottom of the steering column to the cab floor? I’ve got the slotted screws out, but what’s that plastic chappy at the bottom of it? Some sort of locking device?
  2. Give up before you break it, you can get to all bolts for steering from below.
    If you need to weld however, that may be another matter.
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    The plastic is held down by the steering column, you can remove the steering wheel and unbolt they column from the dash and lift it fir access, but if you’re changing the rubber coupling it’s possible from underneath
  4. Ah, thanks. Yes, I need to remove the steering box to do a bit of welding above and in front of it. Only a small patch, but no doubt I will find more once it’s out of the way.I also have a new rubber coupling mount to go in.
  5. I had one attempt at removing collar, gave up and did it from below....if I found it easy(ish) , trust me, it is !
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  6. You can get the whole repair section for that if you find it's too bad to repair
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  7. Thanks baz, but it’s not the chassis end where the hole is.Its more the part that goes 90 degrees to that. Right next to the hole where the loom goes through. The steering box is just slightly in the way to get the torch to it.
  8. Just undo the coupling from underneath. Then remove the box
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  9. Go steady and double check your new rubber coupling as there’s a load of gash ones about that will short out your horn and make you go beepedy beep beep when you is cornering.;)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,, ok for fun , but novelties wear off :)
  10. Thanks, but I bought it around 4 years ago and stored it along with a load of other ‘things I was going to do’.
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  11. All done. Thanks guys.
    @Barry Haynes.
    “It’ll never be a show winner”...
  12. That is about the sort of vintage where the coupler has metal reinforcement that shorts out.
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  13. Excellent!
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    I bought one of them. Quality stuff! Replaced with a nice C&C one.

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