Hoodlands Farm, Langsett

Discussion in 'South Yorks' started by theBusmonkey, Aug 5, 2016.

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    Up the hill, first right after the Waggon & Horses on Wooded Pass heading towards Manchester from Sheffield.
    15 quid a night including electric, accepts non C&C members. Basic shower & toilet block but its the views & walking that its all about. 05082016384.jpg
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    Just a couple of the weekend's pics to complete the write-up.
    Take chocks if you visit as it's flat at the top & reasonably flat at the bottom of the field. Elsewhere it's a bit undulating.
    It can get windy on the tops of the hills so a wind break is a must.

    There is a well tended walk around the res. Reasonably gentle but you can take paths off onto the moors which are well signposted.
    P1080024.jpg P1080027.jpg

    The Strines is a lovely area of the Peak District with great driving roads.

    The weather was kind this weekend...:)

    And has been ideal for this particular activity...

    Amongst the heather are the bilberry bushes. It looks like a crime scene after picking as the berries burst easily...
    ...but pies are on the menu this week:thumbsup:
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    looks really nice :)
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    That's a self controlled crop, I find I eat them quicker than I can find them.
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    I know. I said to M yesterday that they were the celery of the berry world.
    However, bilberry picking seems to be part of South Yorkshire DNA.
    People all over the place in various uncompromising poses. I did my quota of 2 freezer bags worth & then went & sat in the bus & stuck the kettle on:D
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    Just been checking over places to take Mrs C and came across this- we are 2 miles up the road from the Wagon. If your ever up here again you can stop at ours :thumbsup:
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  7. [​IMG]

    Almost there with the camouflage but not quite!
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