Homestead Lake Park

Discussion in 'Essex' started by Lofty, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Nice park in Weeley on the way to Clacton. Bit on the expensive side but the facilities were excellent. Mainly a Caravan park but only 50 pitches so nice and quite. Would suit those who enjoy a spot of fishing as it has a nice lake there. We were lucky to get a pitch close to the lake.
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  2. looks nice ,did you use cadac loft ?
  3. Not yet Barn. Giving it a trial run tomorrow and then plan to use it in anger at Battlesbridge next week.
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  4. wish we,d got tickets for that now , they had a stand at spit n polish but i tink betty has booked family or sumat now .
  5. Well if the other arrangements fall through, trundle over. We will be there Saturday night hopefully, and definitely Sunday. Got tickets for Saturday camping but Master Lofty is on duty at the Tower of London in full kit as part of the 'road to Waterloo' promotion. Need to get from the tower and into Batllesbridge in 4 hours.
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  6. Is that the site with a large camping shop and a caravan sales bit??
  7. That's the one.
  8. Lol my mum and dad go there! And it was our first overnight In lizzy when we got her a year ago. First night the cooker caught fire and there's a little 2nd hand shop opposite the cafe and I found an perfect used one so swapped out and chucked the one that caught fire. Is a good little site for quiet times...
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