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Discussion in 'Camping Accessories' started by gumbo, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. i bought one of these today to beat the weather and have a bbq .
    cost 69.99 weight; 16kg

    they didnt didnt have one setup in store and i was expecting a cheap crap flimsy thing when i opened it . infact it is a great product and very well made !
    the frame is made of lightweight metal and the entire gazeebo folds out from one piece . it does require 2 people to erect it but is very easy to set up
    highly recomended

  2. Nice one mate I was coincidentally looking for one to put in the back of the house - to use as a temp workshop so I can cut ply etc for the van (when its raining) Is it waterproof one?
  3. wow dude thats massive!
  4. We have one in blue! They are top gazebos but I have had to replace one of the pieces of metal cos it twisted and snapped. make sure you have the feet square and pegged down to stop this and your away! :D
  5. It seemed pretty waterproof when it was raining , I had the BBQ under it so there was some condensation .

    It is pretty big but if you are with friends or family it's the perfect size for socializing
  6. For people in the West Mids, you can buy that exact same one in Blue or Green for £50 at a furniture store in Halesowen, we brought one and it has the 2 sides included. When we brought ours about a month ago, they had about 15 left.
  7. Bargain spotter^
  8. Ty :) from a product review standpoint, my only issue is the length when closed, its quite long packed up, luckily it does fit in the middle of the bus on the floor and just snuggles in the middle behind the centre console thing, but its a bit of a squeeze getting it in / out.
  9. we got or gaz from halfrauds in bangor pop up in blue and white stripe £39.50
    3 mtr x 3 mtr now thats a bargain
  10. Pics or it never happened .......lol
  11. That looks like the one we have in black - bought it last summer & it's still going pretty strong (despite some heavy winds).

    Ours is 2.5 x 2.5 & fits perfectly along the back of the van behind the bench seat.

    The feet can snap off though (we've now lost two) but we've figured out a way to replace them. Also the velcro for the four sides isn't terribly strong (I'm going to devise a system of reinforced holes & ties to replace), but we have used it every time we've been camping so it has probably been put up / collapsed at least 30 times.

    I love it - we can have our shelter up in 2 mins :)
  12. Mine 'just' fits behind my full length R&R on the bulkhead cushion . I have to put it in at an angle then work it into place
  13. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    l got one from Argos. They do weigh a ton but they are good.

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