Hollands Wood, New Forest

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  1. Stayed at this Forestry Commission-run site on Saturday night - just under £20 pre-booked.

    The site is just on the Lyndhurst side of Brockenhurst and is clearly sign-posted, being just off the main road. The site is wooded and after being greeted by friendly bunch of rangers, we were allowed to pick our own pitch. The site is big, but as the pitches are scattered in the woods, does not feel at all structured or claustrophobic. Three large, clean toilet/shower blocks spread through the site, but no electric hookups.

    We found a secluded spot:


    And me ladies were happy once I'd got the kettle on:


    The site is a 10-15 minute flat walk (along a pavement, rather then trekking in the gutter) into Brockenhurst which is nice village with various takeaways and pubs and if the weather is nice, check out the Secret Garden tea garden.

    Great site for nature lovers, the rangers provide lot's of information about the forest and they have a guided dusk-watch. Plenty of ponies in and around the site and lots of cute foals joining in - here is one taking a bit of shade:


    Well recommended!
  2. Have been to the ashurst site twice now but will have a go at this one next and look round Brockenhurst. Mrs Mabel was taken with Lyndhurst so she'll like this one as well.
  3. I love Hollands Wood. I used to camp here all the time as a kid. I only lived about a ten mile walk away so I was nervous about going back in case it wasn't as I remember but the campsite and the ponies are great!! One tip though, go further down the campsite to get away from the road. If you're too close it doesn't have that secluded feel!
  4. My all time favourite campsite though unfortunately it doesn't have electric hook up and as stated above try to get away from the road as this gets pretty busy.
    Be prepared for ponies wandering straight through your pitch and don't feed them or you will never get rid of them. Also if you have a tent or awning make sure you firmly peg the zip end down when you go out as the ponies have learnt to open zips and can get in to pinch your food!! We came back from a day out and thought we'd been burgled until we noticed all the hoof prints>:eek:
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  5. Yeah they are good at that :)
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    im there now :) its a really great site, got wild ponies running around my bus
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  7. Stayed there a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Hope to be there again this Friday and Saturday on the way back from the Isle of Wight.

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    love it but can get busy and the road gets noisy
    We tend to go up the road a bit to Roundhill its a bit more spread out and cheaper
  9. Been there many times, top site.
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    I like it there when I'm away on my own. It's sort of wild but with clean toilets. Only thing I don't like is the New Forrest Nazi's.
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    Just come back from here and enjoyed our brief stay at Holland's Wood. We had a great spot looking out to the big open space, with wild horses, cows, deer, lions....

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