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  1., after visiting Brean and staying at Northam farm site following our weekend at the TLB summer camp, we decided to try out another of the Brean sites, we went for Unity (that's what everyone calls it) the full name is HRU or Holiday Resort Unity)

    It's a very large site with both hard and soft pitches, and also a ton of static caravans (35 / 38 footers)..............where to start ! We were sited on the Green Field on a hard standing pitch with electric hook up, we also had an additional parking space for my mate and a bit of extra room for his tent, we paid this, but in hindsight we need not have mentioned the extra tent but did need to include the extra car, the reason being, you can;t get on an off site in a vehicle without the pass given when arriving (I was impressed with this from a site security perspective)

    On the site we found the following :
    Children's play area (it states they must be supervised, but this is to protect their public liability, and is not enforced) it's very large and one of two, there must have been 60+ kids playing when ever we passed and it always looked empty. There were rip cords, a football area, basket ball area, you name it, it was there, and they also have a bike rack to park the bikes.

    2 club houses - RJ's & The Tavern, RJ's firstly, a large family room, with an adults only area in the rear and separated from the main room (I didn't go in here as we had the kids, but I did take a quick look and it looked "Kicking" after 11pm) We spent some time in RJ's, there is a kids club in the day with activities organised but we didn't use this as we were elsewhere, if we were there longer, then maybe, on the evening, it starts off with prize bingo (£66 line / £131 / 263 Houses and a sub 48 number house bonus that can win you £600 + (was £2k when last paid) , followed by a kids night (Piglet club) with competitions, and general fun for the kiddies, this then makes way for adult acts, we saw a girl trio on the Friday evening who were excellent (fit in short skirts) then last night (Saturday) it was a soul / motown evening, they do have many varied acts throughout the year, with Britain's got talent people, and "once were famous" people (Jimmy Cricket is on soon)
    The second of the two club houses is a more general "drinking" club, it's families as well though and has a huge live screen with both indoor and outdoor bars, the issue with this is, its also open to the general public so you get some chavey kids, that said, we popped in and it was fine................and it's good to have a choice.

    Fishing - They have onsite fishing and its quite cheap, but we didn't have time so never really looked into it, we did take a walk to look at the pools and they looked nice and according to one bloke we spoke to they have it well stocked.

    Golf - They own he golf course, there is a 18 hole par 72 course and a 9 hole par 3 pitch and putt, I have to say the pitch and putt is the best I have ever seen in the UK ! there is even water hazards, and it's cheap, only £4...............the main course is also very picturesque and a difficult challenge but really enjoyable, that is also subsidised if you are staying on the Unity site and it's only £12.50 a round :) otherwise it's £25

    The site also own the main leisure park, and once again if staying on the Unity site you get a discount, half price in the water park £3.50 and £2 off the unlimited ride wrist band in the funfair (£18) trust me, it's well worth it, our kids must have gone on every ride 3 times and there are 40+ rides, minimum height requirements are in place, (Xtreme is the only one that demands 1.4M minimum, the rest are 1.2M with a lot at 0.9M, our are 1.4 & 1.2 so we were fine, just bear that in mind though) (as a note, we went to Weston today on the Pier and the rides on there are £3 & £5 each !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so £20 all in for 5 hours ride what you like is a right bloody bargain)

    Each area of the site, from what I saw seems to have 2 toilet blocks, these consist of blokes and womens areas with a bunch of showers / toilets / sinks with shelves etc etc, they were spotless whenever I used them, so thumbs up for this.

    There is a free train that runs around the whole site at 30 min intervals on the evening (maybe daytime too ?) and takes you to both the reception and leisure park, which is great if you just want to go to the town as that's right by the park anyway.

    There is a specific dog walking area (a few actually) with ample (hand warmer) oo I mean crap bins

    All in all a fantastic site IMO ,and I will be returning for sure (we have even talked about going again this year)

    Scores :
    Cleanliness - 10/10
    Cost - No idea, the wife booked it and can't remember, but she says it was about the same as the other one ! ? so lets give it a 8/10
    Facilities - 10/10
    Pitches - 8.5/10 - Not as big as some, but ample for us (we had camper / trailer / car / awning / gazebo / tent

    Overall - 9/10 and well worth a visit
  2. Hi All,

    We stopped at this site during August this year..
    It was very good :)

    We stayed for 5 nights and found all the facilities to be excellent, and very well maintained.

    We stayed on Green Field (grass pitch), although used facilities on brown field.. These were brilliant, family bath room was very welcome as trying to bath our daughter in the shower cubicles would have sounded like murder...

    The only mistake we made was not taking advantage of the land train more often.. It was a big hit with the kids!

    Just thought I would ad this to comments above..
    We will be using the site again... Still got tickets for Cheddar Gorge to use!!


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