Holiday 2012 Roundtrip Europe for VW's

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  1. As the political situation in Syria continues, we had to come with a new plan instead of our AircooledOrient trip.
    This is what we'll do now -only for aircooled VW's from Europe:
    ' Come along? :D


    Our website is also in English: click on the British flag button.
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  2. this looks and sounds great, but...

    €1495 per person? Its not too clear what is included in this price?
  3. delilah

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  4. so why'd you not say so sooner
  5. Just realised, they probably take a big stash of blow...
  6. delilah

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  7. Subscription ends March 1st.
    Sofar we have teams from Holland, Germany and Belgium. Room for British still available ;D
  8. Sounds like we give money to drive our own bus, eat our own food, wash our own bodys, do all the hard work ourselves.

    [glow=red,2,300]BARGAIN :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: [/glow]
  9. It says it's not a speed rally.

    I'm out. ;)
  10. Guess you could just meet up at the same place and follow them for free? Spend your €1500 on fuel and booze instead
  12. for us 2 if we were paying 3k between us we'd want someone to wash us AND comb our sheriffs badges afterwards!

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