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  1. What does everyone like to do when they're not working on their bays?
    I have an allotment. I grow veg and flowers. I also have chickens, love fresh eggs. 20210401_102901.jpg
  2. Day


    I like painting,
    Currently trying my hand at a famous Vermeer. [​IMG]

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  3. Enjoy a game of 5 a side football.

    We also had an allotment but gave it up last year due to lack of use during the pandemic. Planning on starting a little veg patch in the garden.

    LOVE a country side walk too!
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  4. Motorcycles
    Beach fishing
    Collecting stuff (hoarding)
    Fixing things
    Depending on how I feel.:thumbsup:
  5. Loved our allotment too but gave it up when we moved house as we have a much bigger garden here. Home grown veggies ftw :thumbsup:
  6. Wow. That's amazing
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  7. Cycling: both road and mountain biking - though currently off the bike waiting for a hernia operation.
    Camping in the van - what a surprise :)
    Presenting on Birmingham Hospital Radio - quick plug, I'm on tonight at 8pm :D
  8. Building electric guitars. But that's on hold until I've finished rebuilding the camper van engine :(

    Playing bass guitar in bands. But that's on hold until we're all allowed out again in crowds :(

    So for now the highlight of my week is bin day
  9. And gout...:thumbsup:
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  10. Love walking and gardening. Like a bit of diy.
    Also got an old beetle to tinker with. Can’t sit in the house for more than an hour.
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  11. Arson about more like! :D
  12. Arson Wenger?
  13. No, I really do enjoy a bit of covert firestarting.
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  14. I had an allotment for a few years, but the weeds grew quicker than my veg and seemed to be constantly playing catch up clearing weeds. Gave up the allotment and turned my back garden into an allotment of raised beds, 2 sheds, compost heap and growing a mix of flowers and veg and fruits, cottage garden style.

    Other hobbies are model railway, birding, astronomy, heritage steam.
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  15. 5nsiFjdgylfK3csZ5T.gif
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  16. Allotment growing veg
    tinkering with bus
    polishing an MG and helping organise local MG club
    walking the dog
    walking and camping in the Lakes (pre Covid)
    helping Mrs Cunny with her ceramics
    playing blues harp.
  17. Sleeping
    Call of Duty
    In-line hockey
    Drinking wine

    mainly sleeping and wine.
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  18. Which one of those two is a euphemism? ;)
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  19. Cycling - nearly always off-road
    Bike building/maintenance/tinkering
    Hoarding bikes
    Fossil hunting
    Ordering stuff I don’t need on t’internet
    Sending a fair bit back
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