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  1. What’s the deal these days ? Is it a rolling 40 years still ?
    I’m looking at a 78 tonight which isn’t exempt yet but but am I to presume it will be in January?
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  3. All 1978 built vehicles become historic on 1st April 2019 - so free tax from then. MOT free also on a 40 year rolling basis although I would advise keeping up your MOT..
  4. Roll on the 1st of April next year
  5. From my own experience though, just because it is tax exempt you still have to fill in the online thing - tax exempt means you get it free but you still need to do the 'paperwork'. Not sure if there are penalties for not doing so........wouldn't mind betting there are!
  6. If you buy one that is tax exempt , you still have to do the tax on line the day you buy it and before you drive it as with all cars you buy privately now . The joy fa the new owner when they buy it is they are getting a new 12 months tax free from day one . Your bet would be a good one :thumbsup:

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