Historic Status - DVLA wont refund the previous year

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  1. I just wanted to see if anyone was able to get DVLA to refund tax for the year prior to the tax year they were in at the time.

    The build date for my van was earlier than registered, so I got the certificate (in August 2018) and was advised by the Post Office that I should wait till current tax year finished and at tax renewal time I could claim Tax Historic status. Then I wrote to DVLA

    snippet from my letter to them sent in July 2019
    "I have been advised that because the vehicle was built much earlier but only registered in May 1978, that the vehicle was eligible for historic tax exemption last year.

    I wrote to the Volkswagen AutoMuseum in Germany to request the “vehicles birth certificate“(copy attached) and it shows the build date as 7th July 1977. I would therefore like to request refund for the eligible year (1st June 2018 to 31st May 2019)"

    They responded September 2019
    "I can confirm that we can only update the vehicle record on receipt of the original documentation to amend the date of manufacturer"

    "With regard to your refund this would only have been issued from the date the evidence was supplied. "

    So my question is - anyone had the same?

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    No. Good luck with the refund, but don’t hold your breath.
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  3. Yep they did that to me as well
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    It’s up to you to declare it so I’d imagine you’ve got no hope.
    Should have just done it as soon as you’d got your letter back and they’d have refunded anything you’d pre-paid.
  5. DVLA won't care as they weren't the ones who advised you and the Post Office will likely deny they said that.
  6. You should have registered it as historic as soon as you received the certificate from VW. If the Post Office told you to wait almost a year they were wrong.
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  7. I think you'll be out of luck hoping for a refund for the previous year. The DVLA aren't that generous. Partial refund once they've received the birth certificate is the best you can hope for, I'd think.
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  9. My post office told me I might get a month back but not the whole six months that I’d left it. I got none. Seems post offices need some advice on it all!
  10. Just feel glad its free now and not £600 which is what a 20mpg /400g/km CO2 car would be paying if it had not been grandfathered as a normal car .

    Up there with the supercars.
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