His Dark Materials

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  1. It’s great. You lot been watching it?
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  2. Yes, feels like the books, much better than the film.
    I think that the CGI works much better now too.
  3. It's fantastic! It's probably been 7+ years since I last read them, so it's not too fresh in my mind to remember all the twists and turns.
  4. Yep, really enjoying this - kids love it :)
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  5. Got bored halfway through the first episode and gave up
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  6. I nearly did too, but it's worth sticking with it.
  7. I felt it was dragging somewhat and still is.
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  8. I'm tempted, but don't want to turn into one of those types that used to sit cross-legged and read Harry Potter hard backs on the tube..........
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  9. That’s how it starts. Next thing you know, it’sVolksworld, on the crapper...
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  10. I've read all the books which I loved - but just can't get into the film or TV series
  11. I've had it on the TV and haven't been concentrating fully... should focus more to understand whats happening!
  12. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I've been enjoying it. Somehow the books have passed me by though but I may have a read sometime.
  13. I got 1/2 an episode further through than you then.
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  14. Our neighbour did the drone camera work on this series. He’s called Steve.
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  15. I can assure you I got bored halfway through the second one, and the third one as well.
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