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  1. Well I hope they can find another source of lithium in the next 10 years :eek:
    Not great having only one source as it’s not limitless. I suppose different cell technology should appear in the near future.
    Although not really in the headlines at the moment Hydrogen fuel cell technology is coming on leaps & bounds.
    My lad works for an up and coming hydrogen fuel cell company in Sheffield. Their new premises are vast , investment is definitely there for the future :thumbsup:
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  2. I’ve been told that a few of the bigger boiler manufacturers are trying to find ways to convert their boilers to run on hydrogen. The idea is that as natural gas runs out, hydrogen could be pumped to houses instead through the existing infrastructure. Obviously with some sort of a boiler and meter conversion.
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  3. They are also banning hybrid cars, but not until 2035.
  4. I expect the price of petrol will rocket in 2030 when demand starts to drop. So at £20 a gallon x 20mpg a 200 mile round trip to the coast will be £200 in fuel :eek: If i still have the camper in 10 years a battery conversion might be on the cards :rolleyes:

    I am however all for a diesel ban. I get sick of following pre DPF vehicles with worn injectors puthering clouds of black soot from the exhaust. Not sure how they get through the MOT but they seem to :mad:
  5. Ever lasting batteries :thumbsup:
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    A friend of mine works as a design engineer in British Gas, he reckons they are really pulling back on natural gas in their future tech.
  7. I can’t say I’m surprised. When I worked for them the management appeared to have forgotten their core business was gas supply and maintenance. I think they all viewed themselves as the next steve jobs. Utterly focused on themselves. They gave up on gas years ago, preferring to focus on selling people pointless Marmite they don’t need and finding new ways to ring more money out of people for less and less service. I find it staggering they even still employ design engineers considering their complete distain of engineers in general and their complete worship of bean counters. Your friend must be a sadist.
  8. This year's the first that I am happy to have no gas supply and burn oil.
    Can't see it lasting tho.
  9. Although you won't be able to buy a new petrol car in 2030 there will still be lots on the road (plus all the hybrids will need petrol) so demand won't drop much initially. If demand DOES fall though generally that makes a product cheaper, not more expensive. Who knows?! :D time will tell.
  10. Although petrol demand will probably drop which should see a drop in crude prices the government will want to double or triple the tax on it to deter us from using it and go green.
  11. 40 million cars on the U.K roads .. I personally can’t see the complete switch to all electric ...the next PM will see sense ... I also don’t see personal solar panels creating enough to charge 2 cars we are in the U.K after all ... on the flip side there will be an abundance on cheap crashed electric cars to convert all the old vws with ... there is also nothing Environmentally about electric cars . If we binned off the twice yearly age related number plate and the constant keeping up with the Jones’s with new cars the environment would be better off . The energy to produce a new car is huge let alone an electric car . People still want to fly everywhere burning tons and tons of fuel each flight and buying tons of new clothes .. most of the eco brigade are hypocrites
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  12. I thought about electric cars this morning when I had to go to Tesco. I started the car, put on the heated seats, steering wheel, front screen. rear screen, mirrors and the heater, it was gloomy so the lights came on and I was listening to the radio. Surely it'd need a bloody big battery to power that lot before it even thinks about moving the car?
  13. Will see if I can find it but some chap totalled a Tesla in the good old.... at 100mph sending burning batteries showering into nearby houses! The batteries looked about the size of an AA and there were 1000s of the things!
  14. Nuclear is certainly efficient and provided it doesn't go pop its greener in the short term however the decommissioning of current civil nukes will take 120 years and cost 130 billion plus!
  15. and Bill Gates allegedly said that nobody needs more than 640k of memory!

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