High Sands Creek, Stiffkey near Wells next Sea

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  1. I really like this campsite. A genuine welcome from the moment you arrive High Sands Creek has generous pitches, and plenty of good clean facilities. The kids loved the woods which run alongside the campsite, with its trees to climb and rope swings to have fun on. Ideally suited on the Norfolk coast, there is a lovely walk to Wells next the Sea, but with the kids it does feel a bit longer than the three miles it says it is! The Red Lion in the village isn't cheap but family friendly and a nice pint.
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    One of my favourite sites around here. :thumbsup:
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    Looks great, it's near Lou's mums that and reckon we'll be going during the summer, great pictures as well :thumbsup:
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  4. Cheers I look at those pics and think must wash the roof!!
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    It's right on the North Norfolk coast path too - you can go one direction and get the regular "hopper" buses back.
  6. It's a lovely walk, but the kids really really weren't keen on walking back so really grateful for the bus back, saved the day!

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