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  1. So just found this forum as I’m having a bay van put back to original better than it came out the factory. And came across this while trying to hunt down some seats to re cover.
    Photos added
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  3. Hi and welcome from a coldish (to southerners) North Yorkshire.

    I'm sure we'd all like to know how to restore them to better than factory. This sounds like an epic task!

    Photos please!
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  4. Hi from West Lancashire - I put MGF seats in mine - let's see some photos of your restoration
  5. Hi, it’d be interesting to see some pictures!
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    Welcome along :hattip:
  7. Day


    Hello there from the Italian mountains.

    Enjoy your bus:thumbsup:
  8. Hello from the (currently) sunny south. Looking forward to hearing about the resto... we love photos :)
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  10. howdy! :)
  11. Hello from a sunny posh East Grinstead:thumbsup:
  12. Welcome from further south than the sunny south. :cool:
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  13. Hello from Gods part of the world, Notts :hattip:
  14. Hello and welcome from Somerset

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  15. Hi, welcome from Middle Earth.

    Yes, we need some photos :thumbsup:
  16. Hello and welcome from gloomy Halesowen lol
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    Intrigued to see a bus that’s restored to be better than original!
  18. Hello and welcome from Tufty. :)
    Don't keep us in suspense please post some photos :thumbsup:

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