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  1. 1st VW T2 bay owner here.
    I had a T25 2.0 aircooled for years, but always wanted a Bay.
    Here is the new van

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  4. Hello from down in the New Forest.
    Best colour bus you’ve got there ;)
    More photos please!
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  6. Welcome aboard if you get a problem post it on here, there is a wealth of knowledge available
    Hope you have a sense of humour too
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  7. Cheers, here are a few more pics.
    Have been looking for a van that was pretty much up together.
    Im sure there will always be stuff to do

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  8. Welcome from Newcastle. That looks like a nice clean and fresh bus to camp in. Hopefully we’ll be allowed out soon
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    Welcome to TLB normal service is in operation here it may look like most of us are bonkers because of the lockdown and the cabin fever effect ,but it's normal for TLB
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  10. Welcome and looks like a lovely bus, but I'm not sure about the flower pot in the back ;):cool:
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  11. Welcome aboard from up the road in sunny Northants:thumbsup:
  12. Welcome from sunniest Barnsley. Looks a nice bus :thumbsup:
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    Welcome along :hattip:
  14. Welcome from France. Nice colour!
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  15. Snap, i like your roll out awning on the side, does that work well?
  16. Im thinking of chucking the jailbars and going with the wrought iron fence and flower pot
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  17. It’s very good, but it’s the manual version that really needs two people to unwind, although it can be done on your own.
  18. Welcome from the Lawrence County of Notts, lovely looking bus..enjoy!
  19. Welcome to the mad house :hattip:
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