Hi all from newbie camper owner (in dire need of a bit of advice)

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  1. Wow what an indroduction to owning a bay! K to you for being so honest, but like others have said, you have done all you should/can to highlight the issues to the authorities and they have confirmed in writing that its all ok so I'd get on with enjoying owning a bay.
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    having kept an eye on thread and just gone through it all again i now fully understand why people nick our vans. the police and insurance are not interested in an obvious ringer. most owners of a ringer don't know but this one does and yet no one above is interested. disgusting.
  3. Okay, this is my last ditch attempt and then I'm giving up trying to be a good girl! Thanks Brothernumberone for the info re. the 79 VIN. I am sending paperwork off today to apply for the V5 for the 1979 (on the basis that I'm sure that's what I've bought) - Also sending off 2 requests for info on previous keepers for both registration numbers (have been sitting on these for a week in case I didn't have to). Hopefully with all those requests they'll think I'm a bit strange and start investigating! If not I guess I'll have some more info to chase up and maybe a V5 or a note telling me I have to have the 79 reg VOSA checked. If so I'll sorn it and then swap it at my leisure. Now I am off out in 'bus of dubious heritage' to enjoy the sunshine with hubby and the two mad dogs!
    Huge thanks and hugs and warm fuzzies to all of you who have helped and supported me through this. Your wit and wisdom (in equal measure) have made all the difference. Cxx
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    Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts :)
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    Its amazing innit , i get half a van for me money ! :(

    You on the other hand buy a van on a two for one deal , was it on a voucher ? .

    Name it BOGOF ;)
  6. Wow just read this from start to finish..

    Glad it's sort of got a happy ish ending,

    just enjoy it, enjoy the scene and enjoy the free tax, think of it as £215 a year extra fuel for those weekends away....

    Karma for your efforts and perseverance. did i remember to tell you to enjoy it... ;D
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    This is Thread of the year up to now I reckon
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  10. I think the powers that be should let you off your road tax for at the very least this year for your down right honesty and want to do things through the right channels,well done for sticking with it and not loosing the plot.k++.we need to get you off of page 13 thou. ^-^ :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise: :praise:
  13. Just for fun, here's my planned paint job and private plates ;)
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    We all know "Queenie" is the best name for your van.
  17. I still like poptop2 idea for a name

    You buy one you get one free........ I said you buy one you get one free

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    Nope :(
  20. Maybe now

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