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  1. Hello from me, the artist formerly known as Mikeoc! I've changed the name of my a/c to Reilly, which is our van's name, so called because we go away in our van most weekends and it's definitely The Life of Reilly! We've owned Reilly since May this year, and have been all over Kent, Sussex, Dorset, Shropshire already, hence been a bit quiet on the forum recently as we've simply been away, all the time (especially now it's the school summer holidays).
    Reilly is owned by me (Mike) and Peter, we take a Scottie dog called Dougal with us on all our travels, and Dougal is sooned to be joined by a little sister/girlfriend (up to him!) in less than 2 weeks, a white Miniature Schnauzer called Darcy :-*
    We're off touring in Cornwall for a week on Sunday, with a pit stop in Brighton on Saturday, and cannot wait.
    We live in Streatham, which is halfway between Clapham and Croydon, so the last few days at home have been a little bit hairy, but fortunately it all seems to be cooling down now :D
  2. Mucho welcome backiness
  3. welcome back matey!!
  4. Welcome back, Reilly looks lovely 8)
  5. Welcome back Mike!
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    welcomed :)
  7. dog


    Welcome along! :)
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    evening mate
  9. hello and welcome / welcome back (please delete as appropriate) :D

    this is one way of getting your thread count up!

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