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  1. A pic to cheer up a January day..

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  2. I don’t know if anyone else can see but the dog looks likes like it’s wearing glasses :thumbsup:
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  3. Dogs are comedians too .:D
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  4. And old hearing aids :eek:
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  5. Should have gone to specksavers...:hattip:
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  6. Yeh they do hearing aids too :thinking: 5 people I know who have had them can’t hear now :eek:
  7. Pardon:p
  8. you shouldn’t have gone fa a ruby last night :eek:
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  9. Have you told um...?
  10. Ay , I arnt got one I read what I wana hear , my poor old mums been messed about n all sorts n a few mates too , the shoulda stuck ta eyes errrrm gone ta specsavers ha ha . :thinking:
  11. You got ONE THEN
  12. Pardon
  13. has she tried boots :thinking:
  14. No she goes ta hospital . She’s got boots and rain coat .. Do you know anyone who’s got one that can hear ok o_O
  15. Nice side burns. Must be Bradley Waggins.

    I’ll get me coat...
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  16. My neighbor has 3k ones from speco's..
    Work well..
    They tune them in with pc..:thumbsup:

    He's really annoyed by all the background noise he can now hear..:rolleyes:

    His son opening packets in the other room, traffic miles away.. :D
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  17. No good really , the pc set ups arnt , my mum has been back n forth n been told one person then the next person then the next person hasn’t set it right but htf do they know , it depends on background and all sorts echo n size of room volume etc etc etc . If you don’t wear them how can you know , I’ve learned by seeing what it can do to both my dad and now my mum, the big boys like most things are only interested in the money . My mum had her eye ops done in hospital ,could see dust n a nats arse after . Her consultant at the hospital told her she won’t need glasses. Her optician said oh know you still need glasses:mad:( or I won’t be able to sell you a pair every couple of years for nearly £400 a time :mad: Snot funny really is it :mad:
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  18. Ow much??!!

    I got a pair of digital ones from the nhs and all it cost me was a trip to Middlesborough.
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  19. That's a terrible price to pay ..

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  20. Actually, Boro's quite a nice place and James Cook Hospital is one of the best.
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