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Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Deefer66, Jul 8, 2020.

  1. Found

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  2. People are always telling me that VW campers are "worth a fortune". They seem disappointed when I put them right, it's no wonder they get stolen.
  3. Unfortunately prob worth more as parts!.. Think the taken and dumped for a bit seems to happen with these and Landy's.. got a good idea why.. worth leaving an old phone on charge in there just to go find it.

    This one must have been towed or trailered though so some effort!

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  4. They dump for a while in case there's a tracker in it. Still there a week later = fairly safe bet there's no tracker.
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  5. I'd wait till they took it to their home base for stripping then pounce on them. It could be like that scene from Terminator 2:
    "Hey mom, there's cops outside!"
    "How many?"
    "All of them I think"
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  6. I’m in Thanet and so I’ll keep an eye open over here :worship:
  7. It was found. 2nd post. ;)
  8. Wicked u lucky

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