Here is what I have so far

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  1. Here is what I have so far for my Subaru swap feel free to add anything that you think I should be looking at and or changing.



    Shortened sump


    Radiator and fans


    I’ve spoken to Nick Tune about a bracket for the alternator relocation as the inlet manifold has been reversed so hope he will sort that for me this week. So I have the internal heater, rad hoses, brackets to mount the rad, gearbox bellhousing adaptor, and engine support bar to get anything else I should add to my list thanks for any advice Ian
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  2. Oh and exhaust nearly forgot that lol
  3. Fuel pump and air filter
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  4. @Razzyh @pkrboo when you say you used T25 pipes for the radiator on your Subaru conversion I assume the long ones that go right to the front ? And you said you used straight pipes and bends on the last one Matt which worked out better thanks.
  5. Yes t25 pipes cut up to fit. Using silicon hoses to join where required.
  6. What rad setup are you using
  7. I’m not sure where they are from but look very similar to the Fellows one
  8. I am thinking of building my own rad scoop as we have a sheet metal firm we use at work and he says he can make me one very cheaply ;) if I give him a drawing to work too
  9. The rad I have is in a scoop

  10. That look about what I was aiming for
    I think landrover/ rangerover rad s are what people tend to use with aftermarket fans

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