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  1. when the US President travels around, it’s in a vehicle called the beast. It’s widely reported that the windows can survive a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade. This technology has existed since the 60s. So why is it every single iPhone I’ve ever owned ends up with a smashed screen? This ones smashed whilst being in a case. Why can’t Apple just use bullet proof glass.
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  2. It’s so you can put an arrow through your Apple
  3. My old nexus 5, which is a 5 or 6 year old phone had a gorilla glass screen. I dropped it several times with not mark on it, including once, face down on my sandstone patio, with no case or screen protector. The technology is there, it's just Apple puts profits over people.

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  5. Why are you expecting to be shot at?
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  6. Chelsea away
  7. No way we are a family friendly club:thumbsup:
  8. That's what Bates used to say :rolleyes:
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  9. Its an Apple. You are paying about 50% scene tax so they have to cut costs with parts and using school students as labour at Foxconn.. not a pleasant story, hope your kids never have to work in a factory as low paid contractors for a full working week, under threat of failing exams if you refuse to work, overseen by your school teacher at work making sure you are attending the factory..

    Smashing screens means you go back and lap up another one, they have your mind in their grasp.

    Apple did try to improve, they bought a company making sapphire screens, but in the end the good quality crystals were only big enough for an Apple Watch...or in the past a Vertu phone..(a Nokia basic GSM phone wrapped in gold sapphire and titanium with a £3500 price tag and a concierge button instead of Siri. You could play Snake on it)
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    Tenner for a new screen , 10 minutes to swap it - no big deal

    I replace my daughters every bloomin month :thumbsup:
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    Blimey isn't that illegal
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  12. Yes. It's a steal.
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    Ha ha .. doesn’t read great does it ..

    Legal or not I sometimes wish I could ;)
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