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  1. HAN


    Hello, been on here a while but never said hello. Currently building a 1776 on twin dells. Will be looking for all the help I can get. Thanks
  2. Don't forget to choke the dells back down at venturi's for better grunt .. 28's popular no more than 30's

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  5. Howdy. :)
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  6. Day


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  7. Tidy
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  8. bernjb56

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    Welcome along :hattip:
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  10. Hi from West Lancashire
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    Hello! :)
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  12. HAN


    Thanks for the info…I’m sure they are 28’s but you’ve got me thinking so I’m gonna go and check
  13. HAN


    Thanks for the the hellos everyone
  14. hi
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    Hello from Chester
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
  17. Hello from the frozen North.

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