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  1. TLB rules/tips:

    Never ask what oil to use.

    Never suggest Barnsley is anything other than sunny all year round.

    Always check your posts for "open" grammar.

    Never expect a straight answer from all respondents.

    Never mention the East Grinstead Taxi murders.

    Never reveal, or admit to, anything ... ever.

    Know that Tony Hart is no longer a member of this forum.

    Never pay more for something just because it's from or for a Westy.

    Taking good photographs will make people like you.

    There are many many more ........ but perhaps most importantly,

    Never believe a word that @snotty says. :rolleyes:
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  2. Since when?
    You trying to tell us something?
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  3. Hi and welcome along to the mad house.
    Hope you enjoy your new bus when we're all allowed out to play.
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  4. You know you're not allowed out to play since the court order:p
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  5. Welcome from a rain sodden Lawrence County of Notts.

    Lovely looking westy :)
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  6. Hi, from North East Derbyshire
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  7. :oops::oops:
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  8. Welcome aboard the rollercoaster....:hattip:
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  9. Mad House more like...
  10. Hello from way down south in the New Forest.
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  11. It's a bit of an institution...:p
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  13. :thumbsup:

    Hello Kate!
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  14. Terrordales

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
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  16. Merlin Cat

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    Hello and welcome from Derbyshire :). Lovely looking van.

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