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  1. Hello I have just picked up my dream T2 after waiting years to own one. Really would like some advice on the gear changing, is there an easy pattern to remember. Finding 2nd and reverse the difficult ones. I’m guessing it’s practice which isn’t a problem. I thought it would be getting use to the steering but finding that easy. I’ll keep practicing but any tips would be welcome. Thanks
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    When I haven’t driven mine for a while I have to make myself slow down and feel the gear. Drive it some more and see if it gets easier. There are various linkages which may need checking if you continue to struggle.
    Welcome along btw :thumbsup:
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  3. take your time with the change, don't rush

    the change can be improved with new bushes and sometimes adjustment of the base plate helps.

    welcome to the forum btw. post some pics of your bus :)
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  4. Welcome to the mad house :D Poor shifting is a common problem, take your time changing gear, as others have said various parts can be changed. Many on here have done this.

    PS we like photos ;)
  5. 2nd has always been hard to find on mine too. Usually OK going up from 1st - but 3rd down to 2nd often becomes difficult. I find it makes it easier to find if I go from 3rd across and up to 1st - but then drop down into 2nd before re-engaging clutch. Oh yes - and I put in a CSP shifter which does help.
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  6. Get a big saucepan of porridge.
    Put a wooden spoon in it.
    now you can practice at home! :)

    you’re welcome :hattip:

    ps. Howdy! :)
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  7. Gear changing technique is trial and error. Every bus has its own characteristics and what works on one bus might not work on another. It's really a matter of finding a way that works on your bus but as others have said, there are ways of making it easier, or should I say less difficult.
  8. Hello and welcome. They're not known for easy gear change, but with time you get used to it.
    I've just replaced the gear shift plate on mine, and adjusted it properly - it's really a huge improvement and all the gears seem to be where they should be. It's a pretty easy job, and less than a tenner for the part.
    Any pictures of your dream T2 - we love pictures :)
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    Hello and welcome. :)

    I’m still occasionally a bit rubbish at gear change, tho to be fair my partner is far worse :). I’ve got a slight gear stick extension on mine as I’m quite short and my foot was slipping off the clutch when I leant to change gear!

    we do like photos of new folks vans :)
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent. :hattip:
  11. Terrordales

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    Alex, compared to a normal sized person.


    If anyone is looking for me I'll be hiding in my secret bunker. :D
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  12. Good point- I’ve got the ‘slight bend’ gearstick extension on mine too. Does make it easier.
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  13. CSP shifter was a game changer I found. No more porridge stirring.
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    :mad: you had best keep your air ambulance friends close to hand sunshine!! ;)
  15. I've got an automatic :rolleyes:
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  16. To be fair, that's not really helpful, you also have a beer pump clip and signage as your gear change :)
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  17. Hiya what’s a CSP shifter?
  18. www.csp-shop.de

    Also try Machine7 and VW Heritage who are CSP UK agents.
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