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  1. Hello all, I have bought a 1976 T2 bag of rust and filler and thought this might be the place to get the hope required to get her back on her boots!

    So I need a little help with the first stumbling block I have No Registration Number!! The previous owner stripped the whole bus ready for renovation, once he managed to lose all the parts he then went and died!! ( story from the guy selling her). I have the chassis number on the plate fixed behind the drivers seat, I also have the birth certificate from VW Germany. The Dvla were no help even after waiting 16 weeks!

    Is there any other ways I can get the VRM from the chassis number? It was Uk registered after being imported from Cypress.

    Any help greatly received!
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  2. Where is the V5?

    Surely that got passed on by the PO’s spouse / partner? Have you asked for any documentation at all?

    Welcome btw
  3. Thank you, I bought it through a plant auction, no documentation came with it, only the story from the guy selling.

    It was on its was to the scrap!
  4. Welcome, not sure what you can do if the DVLA can't locate it. Can it be reregistered?
  5. If it has been registered with the DVLA I can't see it being a problem, it will cost you £25 over the phone and they will send you a new v5 unless the po is keeping something from you and it wasn't registered in the UK
    Good luck
    O and welcome from someone who is miserable today :(
    Don't ask
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  6. Welcome.

    Kudos to you from saving it from the knackers yard.

    Without papers that bus doesn't exist. Maybe you should start a new import registration process.
  7. Hello and welcome to exactly the type of place you might get some hope of.... well, pretty much anything and everything really,
    .......just don't take anything too seriously and you'll be fine :)
    There's some really good restoration stories on here, and huge amounts of knowledge.

    Oh, and we like photos, so a few of your "1976 T2 bag of rust and filler" would be ace!
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    Has it already been scrapped? Hopefully not!

    Welcome btw
  9. [​IMG]
    Here are a few pics of my love bus project!

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    The dvla as far as I know no longer give out documents with just a chassis number

    you could try HPi or an insurance company but there will be a fee

    you can also ask the dvla I’d there’s been a claim , scrap marker etc put on it, phoning is the best way

    try calling a few times , different people may give you different information depending on their experience or knowledge of the rules, generally someone younger may not know they aren’t allowed to give out certain information

    you could also try an mot station or even a garage with software , chassis number search may bring up registration
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
  13. Well! Had some great news from a free website (freecarcheck.com). They have managed to get me my VRM... for free... have now Hpi’d it and it’s not scrapped it’s still legit and came over from Cypress in 1978. So as the 20th owner I am now going to start the rebuild to bring her back to life.

    Thank you for all your comments.

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  14. Omg. That roof.

    I hope you take loads of pictures of your resto and post them up here. We all love a good Resto thread. I find them both inspiring and utterly terrifying in equal measure.

    You’ll often come on here and experience “the late bay parallax”.

    Here’s what the Hitchikers Guide says about the Late Bay Parrallax,
    Known to inhabit earth. This particular group of forum members might be the greatest resource of late bay information in the visible universe whilst at the same time somehow managing to be some of the most stupid and downright odd human beings this side of Alpha Centauri. Known to gather twice a year at a primitive festival in April and september to worship all things VW and consume their own body weight of Pan Galatic Gargle Blasters. Mostly harmless.
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  15. Welcome from West Lancashire.
    Interesting looking project bus - and it's got a new front panel - and the usual rotten areas at the back are exposed ready - which is more than mine was - good luck with the resto anyway.
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