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  1. Hello from East Sussex!
    I`m new to VW`s having recently bought a T2 1978/9 Camper.
    I am quite used to the quirks of classic motors (just not these!)
    In the short time I have owned this van my Wife and I have taken her across to France and along the Normandy coast which was a lot of fun :)
    I am already trawling the web for parts, but in particular a sliding door lock (Rhd 224843653A) which the Heritage shop near me don`t seem to stock.
    I would appreciate any help/advice and am willing to pay for one if anyone has one available as I`m concerned about the security when we are not with the van
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    Welcome along! Any more pics?

    Parts warlock @davidoft may be able to assist on the sliding door lock front?
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  4. JT1


    Hello and welcome What is wrong with the existing lock?
  5. Welcome from a sunny Notts :D
  6. Welcome from West Lancashire
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    Welcome along :hattip:
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    Try vwheritage online and use latebay as your discount code :thumbsup:
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  10. Hello and welcome from the warm and sunny New Forest :)
  11. Hello and welcome from West Sussex, the posh side of Sussex
    My dad has a caravan on Buckle camp site on the seafood sea front
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  12. Another welcome from West Sussex.

    I’m often parked up at Seaford Esplanade, or Cuckmere or Birling Gap.

    Re: your door requirements, Davidoft who replied earlier is a first port of call for such things from his extensive collection of spares.

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
  14. Hi from Essex
  15. Day


    Hi from the Italian mountains.
    Enjoy your bus:thumbsup:
  16. Hello from Dorset! We were sad to miss out on our Normandy trip this year...

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