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  1. Hello everyone,

    Yet another newcomer to TLB it seems! I've just put my money down on my first camper, a '73 tintop walkthrough, and now have the painful wait until I can go pick it up. Currently its in the hands of Mr 65-deluxe who is doing the major resto work on it. I'll be looking on here for lots of inspiration on interiors/exteriors and the like, so expect many questions!

    Me, I'm a 27 year old, currently living down in sunny Hove, nr Brighton :)


  2. Welcome to thelatebay Adam
  3. Welcome. :)
  4. Welcome to TLB, I'm just fitting in a new interior now so will post pics when complete and maybe it'll give you some inspiration, and if I come across any top tips from lessons learnt I'll post them to. Add pics of your ride when you get some, good luck with your rebuild.
  5. Welcome Adam.
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    Welcome along Adam :)
  7. Hello and welcome from way up north :)
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    Hello & Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :)
  9. welcome Adam sounds great!

    good luck with the wait and don't forget to share pics when you have some ;)
  10. Hello
  11. Got the majority of my interior fitted in today, might give you an idea of a different look, units were made by kustom interiors in Cornwall, I'm very impressed at the end result.



    hope these help, good luck.
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  12. Hello & welcome :)
  13. Thanks everyone,

    ScottandSusan - very nice. Did you make the units yourselves or were they adapted to suit your van?
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    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!



  15. hello and welcome
  16. We got the units made for us by a company called kustom Interiors, they're based in cornwall near Wadebridge. They make interiors for all types of vw campers and have standard units to choose from or you can speak to them and customise things to your liking, check out their website www.kustominteriors.co.uk and look in their gallery area for ideas.
  17. Welcome ,looks fantastic :thumbsup:
  18. Welcome Adam, looking forward to seeing some pics of your bus...:)
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    hello from sunny cheshire
  20. Welcome to TLB Adam, kick back & enjoy the site & don't forget the pics :D

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