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  1. If the worst bit is the guttering what you worrying about, just drive and enjoy it :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  2. Hi and welcome from sunny North Yorkshire!
    You'll have fun with the bay!
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  3. Cheers, I’ll post some pics of the bad bits when I get her back in a couple weeks. I def think the verdict was harsh too, but would be keen to get TLB views

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  4. He he! I live behind the old ice rink. Streatham is all baristas and sour dough these days, but I do love it.
    Well, keen to have a proper look in a couple weeks myself, as a lot of filler apparently. Worst obvious part is the gutter. Underneath not too bad apparently. We’ll see.

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  5. I'm up for that - in the diary
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  6. Yeah, the M suffix just means it was registered (ie first sold) between Aug 1973 and Aug 1974. Our buses might have been buddies at the Devon factory in Sidmouth...
    Mine was originally the dark blue. I believe Devon only did three colours at the time.
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  7. Louey

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    I own a Transit.........:oops:o_O

    Welcome from Middle Earth BTW :thumbsup:
  8. scrooge95

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    Reckon mine would’ve been there too (May 74 registered Devon) in the fabulous 70s-tastic Brilliant 0range :)
  9. PIE


    The Devon vans tend to be in the classic, colour at the bottom white at the top format. From what I can gather they bought white vans. When the new owner picked a colour they sprayed the bottom half in that. I had a 78 Moonraker that was a RAL colour and they had even masked off the number plate and sprayed around it!!! The German conversions tend to be all one factory colour roof and all.
  10. We're especially good at that part :thumbsup:
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  11. I like the idea of our vans being buddies back in the Sidmouth factory!
    I am from Devon myself actually - Plymouth.
    By the way, do you or anyone know what those three colours were - as in the actual name? I can tell my blue isn't right, and would love to get closer to the right blue. I was hoping Niagra blue was an orig colour from that year. I can see dark green under the chipped paint though.
  12. You can look up VW colours by year on the interwebs (try www.thesamba.com) :thumbsup:
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  15. Welcome.. I'm relatively new as well so always asking for rather then giving advice, however people are always friendly and willing to help.

    I have to say from the pics she looks alright (Bt obvs there are only a few pics to go on). Good luck with the inevitable work that you'll be doing on her!
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  16. Here you go. This is from an original sales brochure I have:
  17. Amazing - fairly certain mine was Sumatran Green then. Hmm, I can sense a colour and name change coming on.
    I would sincerely love to find that brochure one day, especially for the interior specs. Have been looking online for a while but only finding later brochures. Would you be able to share pic of the cover page at some point to help me find it.
    Would you say ours are caravelles?

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  18. I'll post up more photos of the brochure when I have a moment.
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  19. scrooge95

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    This brochure dates from October 1973 and features 'M' reg Devon conversions in the photos, so I think it's the right one.... I think identifying Caravette vs Eurovette would depend on either an original conversion sticker somewhere inside, or having the original interior to see what was included (and as Devon interiors were made from Weetabix - and mine is long gone - it might be tricky!)
    The Just Kampers Brochure archive is actually rather good (if the link works!) :)

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  20. Thanks so much for all your help guys. So chuffed to get all this info. Understood re the weetabix interior and difficulty in telling.

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