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  1. Day


    Welcome from the Italian Alps.
    Where are you and where's your bus?
  2. Welcome from France – come here to breakdown.

    Actually I’m in Scotland at the moment but I’ll be home next week, if I don’t drown in all this rain first.
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  3. Is it just me with old age, or political correctness and health ans safety gone man , but i cannot surly be the only one who looks at that photo with a young kid, a gang plank and a rope hanging from it , that were just waiting for a tragic accident to happen? i dont mean to offend anyone but it just scares me
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  4. Fear not, the gang plank is actually monkey bars and due to the height of the crenellations, it is inaccessible by my 4 year old son, from the ‘non slip’ battlements. The rope, is a swing, temporarily lifted out the way, to allow full and free movement of the drawbridge. Which is counterweighted to prevent finger trapping and crushing during operation.

    I see danger at every turn and have strived to create a safe, yet exciting, castle. I think my sons big hair affords his head a degree of protection from everyday live, as he has issues turning corners and bangs his noggin daily. He also fears the fireman’s pole and climbing wall, so they’re safe too!

    My 7 year old daughter, on the other hand, is a daredevil and climbs all over the thing like a mad woman, but what can I do!?
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    Welcome from climatically changeable Chester
  6. A Leicester welcome from me and Filbert :)
    Ahem....pics please
  7. Does he wear a kaftan, beads and sandals Baz?
  8. You know my grandad khan ?
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