Hello from Northern Ireland

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  1. Hi all, just bought our 1975 camper today, so still a lot to discover and learn as we start to restore it to the condition it deserves. Excuse the paintwork, I am sure the previous owner must have liked it.

    I am sure I will have lots of questions as I get stuck into it but there is definitely loads of info on here. Great resource.


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  2. Day


    Hello from Italy.
    Enjoy your bus.
  3. Welcome :beer: Good luck with the resto.
  4. Hi From West Lancashire
  5. Welcome from us folk here in Notts!
  6. Hello from south of the border:)
  7. howdy! :)
  8. Welcome to the mad house :)
  9. Hello and welcome. Are you keeping the paint job? ;)
  10. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Welcome along :hattip:
  11. Haha.... no the paint job will have to go. I believe it was originally jaffa, but also drawn to red and white so will think over it for a while. Another photo with the roof up.

    Am I right in thinking it’s a Devon?


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  12. Looks like a later devon roof to my untrained eye

    PS welcome from Sheffield

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