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  1. Hi, new to this site. Bought a 1979 2 litre Westfalia a year ago and am on learning curve. Having fun pushing my self with the day to day repairs. Was slightly surprised to find out how many garages are not willing to help you out when needed, so this is why I signed up to Late Bay. Currently battling with oil leaks, so will start a post on this soon.
    Have posted a picture of Little Nellie!

    Thanks for reading


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  2. ron


    all right Little Nellie hi from north east lincs
  3. Moons

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  4. Yeh, I’m fitting the rotor blades new week!
  5. thxnks, not too far away in North Yorkshire
  6. Hi from South Lincs, (the posh end)! Nice looking Westy, it'll keep you busy and poor like the rest of us :eek:
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  7. Thanks, yep large chunks of my life disappearing underneath engine.

    I’ve a question I’d like to start on pushrods tube recommendations. Any idea how I start this off? Is it start a conversation or post a thread. New to this forum stuff!
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  8. Seem to have managed it
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  9. Dubs

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    Hello from sunny Norfolk. :)
  10. Flat, no hills, that’s cheating
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  11. There were a few autogiros flying over New Forest today
    They fly out of Popham Airfield :)
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  12. Terrordales

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
  13. Hellooo from scorchio Saltaire, formerly of north lincs, devon, leeds and notts :)
  14. Hello from way down south in the depths of the New Forest :)
  15. Hello from West Sussex but born and raised in Sarf lundon
  16. Welcome. You've came to the right place. I'm currently fighting with oil leaks as well.
  17. After lots of battling, mine was combo of rocker covers, pushrod tubes and biggest culprit was the dipstick rubber boot was perished. Only pushrods remaining now
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  18. Welcome from Notts!
  19. Hi from Leicester, envious you have sorted oil leak :D
  20. Whoops thought I had! Had a look again in morning and still few drips. Rocker definitely sorted but pushrod tube is weeping. Job for the weekend. Bet you’re not envious now

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