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  1. Hi, just joined the forum as I have just purchased a crossdresser bay window; it's not my first classic I've owned and restored a Mk1 Capri and a Chrysler Sunbeam Ti in the past but it's the first bus I've ever owned.

    Will probably be asking a few questions as the bodywork needs a bit of welding and the mechanics need a good going over; it's actually in worst shape than I thought it was when I bought it, I'm a bit annoyed at myself now as I missed a few big warning signs when I looked at it but such is life!
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    Welcome along :hattip:
  3. Welcome from the Barnsley beach :thumbsup:

    Don't worry they are usually worse than they look, as most of us know well :oops:
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  4. Hi from West Lancashire - ours looked great when we bought it 6 years ago - only took 2 years for the rust to raise its ugly head - it is now known as the money pit - but I suppose they all are!!
  5. Welcome from a sun drenched Notts.

    Sunbeam Ti eh, very good! I had one way back, black with a red stripe, Lotus Sunbeam alloy wheels, Ti spec motor. Was fun to drive :D
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  6. Welcome from Dorset. They're all worse than they look, but my experience of this forum is that it is the place to solve your problems...

    ... and talk about stuff that is totally irrelevant and sometimes just weird... :thumbsup:
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  7. Welcome to the madhouse.

    PS: we all like photos :)
  8. Remember seeing a lot of crashed lotus Sunbeams.
  9. Back in the day, those, along with the Chevette HS & HSR's where rapid little cars, there is no wonder really :D
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  10. Mines lasted about 2 weeks before the "new" paint job has started to show rust spots, the quality of the paint job is shocking...and some of the repairs done on it. I'm a bit annoyed at myself I didn't pick up on it as I thought I was clued up enough to spot these things. I don't think it was malicious on the previous owners part but I should've known better really. I'm trying no to get too hung up on it and just divery in and get it fixed and in good condition!

    My first job will be buying a gazebo to extend my workshop on the the drive for VW repairs!
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  11. Sunny afternoon from Cheshire
  12. Yep - mine went through several MOTs before they spotted a bodge on the rear chassis - piece of sheet steel wrapped around to hide the rot - and the tow bar was attached to it - good job I never used a trailer - all replaced now but expensive.
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  13. Yep. Not worth getting hung up over. Fix whatever needs fixing and enjoy the bus
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent. :hattip:
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    Hello from grey Yorkshire :) I’ve had lots of Capris.

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