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  1. Recently bought a 1974 T2 import. Normally used to hiring them but lost my lease car during lockdown so decided to try something different.
    I have a short list to work though before my first trip next week, new exhaust that allows a towbar to be fitted, joining up and routing the fuel tank breather lines, where to but a spare wheel and the best security items. Looking forward to browsing the forum to get some advice.

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  2. howdy! :)

  3. Stop being nosey :eek:

    Welcome to the forum Ian, enjoy your stay :D
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  4. JamesLey

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    Welcome along! nice looking bus there.
  5. Welcome from West Lancashire - Edinburgh was my grandfather's home town - and he actually died in a hotel there on a business trip many many years ago.
  6. Hi and welcome. Like the colour scheme on your bus. Have you thought about not having a spare and carrying a can of squirty stuff?
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
    Where are you in Edinburgh, I used to live over in the Southside (directly opposite where St. Leonards Police Station is now) when I was at Edinburgh University some years ago.
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  8. Hi and welcome from Kirkcaldy.
  9. You can't blame Ian for that..:D
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  10. Ftfy...:hattip:
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  11. hi from essex
  12. Welcome from Fife
    Lived in Edinburgh for 10 years before moving to Fife, really enjoyed the time there.
  13. Welcome, there's a few of us civilized folk on here ;)
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    RUDE !! :p
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