Hello From Canada, eh?

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  1. Hi all, just found thelatebay.com. We have a few buses including an 8/55 Samba all the way up to our latest, and newest bus, a 1976 Westfalia in Sage Green. To be honest I’ve always been a splitty man, have quite a few including a Doka. Lately though Bays have been more on my radar. We now have a 1970 panel, a couple of 1972 Westfalia’s and the 1976 Westy. Lots to learn, uncharted territory for this lad!

    Looking forward to being a regular on here. It looks like a great group, and an amazing resource!


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  2. bernjb56

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    Welcome along :hattip:
  3. JamesLey

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    Welcome along! Any pictures of your fleet?

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  4. Hello :)
  5. Welcome, they're all a little mad here, you know :)
  6. Howdy! :)
  7. MorkC68

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    I really have no idea why one would think that :D

    Welcome to the forum @Kootenay Van Life enjoy your bus!
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  8. hailfrank

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    Welcome to the forum
  9. Welcome to our world....but please show us some more pictures of your VWs.
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  10. jivedubbin

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    Not many of our members can read , so we need lots of pictures please.
  11. Welcome aboard the rollercoaster..:D
  12. Greetings from `That London` .

    Visted your lovely country a few years ago and had a blast - welcome along :thumbsup:

  13. Greetings & welcome. Which part of Canada you from?
  14. Milky

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    A warm welcome to you . I am guessing by your user name and the terrain in the photo you are somewhere in BC ? I hitchhiked across Canada in my youth and cannot fault you guys whatsoever !
  15. Terrordales

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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent. :hattip:

    Guess you're in B.C. by your name. :thinking:
  16. Day



    Some great experience and advice on here, aswell as some 'right barmpots' :D
  17. All-right eh! You sure your not from Cumbria?

    welcome. will let you off for the splits if you've seen the light!
  18. Welcome from OZ
    illegal immigrant doesn't realise we've seceded from the motherland.
    He's hiding in cool country
  19. I love Aussies... never been and only ever watched, skippy, neighbours, priscilla and my personal favourite "Border Security: Australia's Front Line!!"

    Funny as F and they really don't like anyone East Asian or Black (or New Zealanders it seems but that's reciprocated in spades!)! thought they were bad until I watched the Canadian version... they really don't seem to like Americans at all. (perfectly reasonable seeing as most of them want to cross the border with a brace of assault rifles and an ounce or two of the green stuff!)

    Make us Brits look so inclusive and fair minded!... but we are aren't we.


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