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  1. Hello, my journey has a new chapter and I thought I'd say hello.

    I was born in 1977 but some say that means I'm a '78. Go West boy they said which did explain why I'm a lefty. It's been so long I have no record of my time in California, but at least I kept my skirt dry!

    Since 2009 I've been back in Europe, or at least that damp island to the north of where I was born and I now have a new home. The couple who now take care of me seem nice enough, but time will tell what leafy Surrey has in store for me.

    I'll sign off now in my new name of Sammy but I've heard that I've been bought a ticket for the Brighton Breeze so I may see one or two of you there.

    Ta ta for now.
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  2. Hi welcome from a wet East Grinstead, take no notice what they say about me its all lies :thumbsup:
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  3. Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay!
  4. Hi from Colchester
  5. Welcome from sun drenched Barnsley :thumbsup:

    If Bazza PMs you don't open it :hattip:
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  6. Hello and welcome from Skelmersdale

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  7. Howdy! :)
  8. Hi from West Lancashire
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent
  10. bernjb56

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    Welcome :thumbsup:
  11. Welcome from Leicester, enjoy looking around the site and ask any question's. . .some would say not any :thumbsup:.
  12. Hello and welcome from down in the depths of the New Forest :)
  13. Hello and welcome.
  14. Poptop2

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    Hi. If you’re going to Brighton breeze disguise it as bongo and try to avoid this lot or you’re doomed
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  16. Barry is one of the nicest, upright and most honest people that you could ever wish to meet!
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  17. Day

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    Welcome Sammy from Eggster in the Italian Alps...just back from a trip to St Tropez.
  18. Apart from @Pudelwagen
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  19. Don't worry Malc I'm going and I'll look after @Chrisd
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