Heating engineers are wonderful

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matty, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. We've got an old Mexico that I keep expecting to die, maybe it'll last longer than I thought!

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    I thought that this place was supposed to be a classic car forum, not a plumbers helpline. :mad:

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  4. I think you’ll find this thread is about heating engineers. As everyone knows a better class of individual. Plumbers phah.
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    " Heating engineer", " Plumber " same horse, different jockey. :D
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  6. I’ve just choked on my carrot cake.
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  7. We've got an old Worcester Danfoss oil fired thingy. Must be at least 20 years old. A couple of years ago I asked our local boiler servicer if it was time to get a new one. He said don't bother as the old ones are better built than the newer ones and will go on forever. Also that the new ones aren't hugely more efficient than the old ones in any case.
  8. Kinda yes and no. I’d guess you have a Worcester danesmoor, not danfoss. Named after the village of danesmoor where they were built. Sad aren’t I.

    I wouldn’t change it because it was a decent boiler when it was built. He is correct that the new Worcester’s are definitely not as good, but not correct about the efficiency. A new grant vortex oil boiler is about 25-30% more efficient than yours. But even with this saving it will still take about ten years to get your money back so my advice would also be stick with it.

    the thing that’s most likely to fail on it if it uses the square version is the flue.
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  9. My bad! I think one of the valves is a Danfoss.
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    Your not selling it to me ,in fact I wouldn't have it if you gave it to me
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  11. I know it’s easy for me to make snide comments as I work in the industry and I get that some people aren’t as well informed or don’t have the disposable income to buy an expensive product. So I’m not being a snob or anything, but when people rely on their boiler to keep their house warm, to keep their family warm, to have hot water, at what point does it seem a good idea to buy a biasi for £350 from B&Q?? Especially when ideal make a variant of the logic called an exclusive, vastly superior to the biasi carp that you can buy for £500 and that includes a flue and a basic time clock. Ok you don’t get the warranty of a Max but the internals are very very similar.
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  12. To update on this, I have fitted a filter and put some cleaner/descaler in and 2 days later it’s running better than it has for years.

    Will start saving for a new one but to be honest 17years with just 2 hot water exchangers (we are in a hardwater area) and a pcb 10years ago isn’t bad.

    Out of interest what’s the rules on fitting the boiler including a new condenser line and then someone gassafe connecting the gas and commissioning it
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  13. @snotty I think @rustbucket and @Merlin Cat are both wrong I thought the logic mini max 124 had the 12 yr warranty and the Madonna vogue had a 10 year warranty
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  14. Apparently you only get the 10 year warranty on the Madonna one if you "strike a pose"! :rolleyes:
  15. That’s good news. I thought a bit of noise silencer would help.

    youd need a very friendly gas engineer to sign off someone else’s work.
  16. I thought most are very friendly :)
  17. I’m not
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