Heater y piece over axel

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  1. Hi I need to get a new Y piece or repair the only one the only problem is it’s wrapped in a white jacket being a 1979 would this be asbestos or some other heat shield material any help appreciated
  2. There was a y piece for sale in a job lot of parts in the classifieds on here about 6 weeks ago no jacket though :thumbsup:
  3. The insulating jacket is glass fibre mat.
  4. Which reminds me I need to make a new one for ours. Any suggestions on material?
  5. Hard to think where you'd get similar material. Have the studs just gone. Could re-stud it?
  6. It looks like a well worn jock strap, falling apart at the seams.
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  7. This might do it actually. Neoprene coated fibreglass cloth, doubt the y piece would exceed 120c: https://www.vitcas.com/prd/cty/high-temperature-cloth
  8. Great that’s good to know I’ll still be careful being glass fibre , as for the new material I was going to use some fire proof material normally used in welding a little overkill.
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    The rear Y piece is impossible to fit ( if that is what you’re on about )Make two tubes out of corrugated air pipe and cover them with foil bubble wrap before slotting them over the rear beam and into the main air pipe.
  10. Make sure you secure it or it will flop in your face .:eek:
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  11. Did ours 5+ years ago, used 90mm stainless flue pipe and made 2 x 45 deg bends into a Y piece. Fitted high temp silicon hoses into heater pods. All push fit connections, sure put pics on here for someone before.

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  12. Hi all, would it be possible to fit straight silicon hoses between the y piece and the heat exchangers or would they have to be flexable?
  13. Should sell well in Brighton :thumbsup:
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