Heater Tubes. Just Kampers

Discussion in 'Engine Gearbox' started by Birdy, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Ahh rite, so you do need them then?
  2. Sure you could use something else but I usually buy all the stuff to do it "right" then find its crap or it dont fit and still end up bodging!
  3. Lol, yeah well I reckon I'll see how they fit first, the seals really make that much difference?
  4. with mine there was a gap ie they didnt fit!. Could have wacked some jubilee clips up tight I spose!!!
  5. Ok, no worries, I'll hav a look, maybe zed could offer up some advice, if he fitted them or not?
  6. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I think the rubber bits are a bodge repair part?

  7. yup ive seen pics of these that have melted...:eek:
  8. Cool, just what I was thinking, cheers guys :)
  9. For my aircold T25 took an alternative route and bought some heat resistant silicone reinforced ducting off fleabay, then lagged it with some glass fibre ducting, not original but it is certainly flexible enough.
  10. I brought the rubber connector things and they won't fit my 1600 so I had to take them off again. Waste of money :(

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