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  1. hi all, I’m fitting new heat exchangers to try and eradicate a popping sound .First I took the main silencer off started the engine and found the right side to be the culprit (popping sound) Old ones off new ones one side going on ish . It seems the old exhaust had less mounting material so the head studs had plenty of thread to add exhaust nut . Also there were no copper gaskets . Is this normal? Or a bodged PO ?
    How do you get the copper gasket to stick to surface before fitting heat exchanger? I used copper slip not sure if this is right .
    Thanks in advance Paul
  2. Should always have the copper gaskets on ...yes they are a pain if they drop down ....i have had some from VW Heritage that were just that bit more fatter and they stopped up ..the last two times to be honest , otherwise grease or copperslip would do if must ...al be it the smallest amount possible .
    Also you are supposed to aneal them to cherry red then quench the copper gaskets ...maybe that fattens them up a fraction .
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  3. Are you sure the old copper gaskets are not still stuck in the heads?
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  4. Thankyou will do @Faust
    Thankyou will check @77 Westy
  5. Hi found that 1x gasket missing ( new one installed)
    1x gasket stuck in head ( removed new fitted)
    The other issue the exhaust mounting faces were out of parallel = not tightening evenly.

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